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My Father's Spy Radion from 1950's USN INTEL   A little History behind this Radio... My Dad

(now a SK operator) was with Naval Intel in SE Asia Command when he used to use this suitcase Rcvr and another Suitcase with a Transmitter in it (BC-792-A an unknown type stealth TXR)

to send and receive messages while posing as a 'Radio Salesman' while gathering intelligence in the 1950's.

Beautiful Portland Oregon as seen from atop the KGON Tower located on Council Crest.

Currently, I live in Portland, Oregon's Westside with my wife and four cool Kids! My wife runs a Daycare Business, While I work for a Church Group, as a Maintenance Mechanic (Keeping all the Electrical, Plumbing, Cooling/Heating and doors and windows doing their thing the right (or is that Righteous?) way.  As the State Director of US Army M.A.R.S. here in Oregon, I help keep Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and friends in touch with their Loved ones who serve in the Armed Forces, and Civilian Support Personnel stationed across the country and around the world. I also use a number of 'Boat-Anchor Radios' daily in the performance of these duties. We use both voice and Digital modes to send and receive this traffic, and also have the capability with advance request to supply 'Phone-Patch Operations'. Because we are a component of all three Military Service's Communications programs (Navy/Marine Corps/ some of the Coast Guard vessels are all one service MARS), we use Military Frequencies, and can deliver the messages/phone connection pretty much anywhere our Young Men and Women serve this great Country. Some of these radios are older than I am, but with good, proper maintenance, they are still running as intended. Only TM/PM/FM authorized mods have been performed on these radios and equipment to adjust their performance for the better.

I am extremely happy with theeffort you ‘ve done on my behalf. I a lot appreciate all the difficult job you are doing for schooling, vacancies and the economy. You are very motivating to me. You are one of the very few women struggling to help America and that encourages me to follow my life goals and not under any circumstances to back down no matter what.

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